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Hotel and Room Mapping with UNICA on OTRAMS

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you see this would help if we got GIATA? 

A. Benefits you get from mapping depends on mapping percentage and accuracy. We are able to map more than 98% hotels from all hotel suppliers with high accuracy which is the highest mapping percentage against any other mapping provider. So better mapping percentage and better accuracy helps in improving conversions and reducing financial losses.


Q. How is this different from GIATA & Mapping.Works by Gimmonix?

A. 4 key differentiators than the other products in the market are,

  1. More than 98% mapping percentage which is highest in the world
  2. Mapping speed of 3 million properties
  3. AI based source agnostic mapping so mapping a new supplier is a matter of hours and doesn’t depend on mapped hotel database
  4. Self-service capabilities which brings the transparency about mappings, statistics, content quality, mapping discrepancies.


Q. From where can I extract any certain hotel data (From supplier or property data)?

A.  UNICA providers mapping with the basic content like Hotel Name, Star Rating, Geo Code, Address, Brand information, etc. For Descriptions and Images, you will continue using content from preferred supplier like you do today.


Q. Would your mapping solution guarantee the results? How are mistakes handled? 

A. We assure high accuracy but do not take liability for a loss. Our pricing is flat irrespective of transactions to handle potential loss. We have re-verification process in place so if any of your booked hotel is bad mapped, it is notified within couple of days.


Q. Which all contents will be provided apart from mapping ?

A. All basic content will be provided along with mapping which includes Hotel Name, star Rating, geo code, address & brand information.


Q. Is this solution for hotel mapping as well as rooms level mapping ?

A. We have solution for both hotel and room level mapping.


Q. Do you collect any data directly from the hotels ?

A. Not at the moment, but it’s on our roadmap to source the content like descriptions and images directly from hotels to make it available in addition to basic content. 


Q. Would it be possible to remain with GIATA and Subscribe to only the room mapping from Verotech once ready ?

A. Yes, Room mapping is a independent service and you can use it by continue using Hotel Mapping from some other provider.


Q. To what extent are you able to deduce various room types for multiple suppliers?

A. Room mapping is more complex problem because of standardization of room types done at different levels in distribution ecosystem. Room mapping percentage depends on the content available like, if room description is available mapping percentage is better. Current average room mapping percentage is 86%.


Q. If there is any error from supplier end in mapping, can Vervotech assist us with supporting document to get claim processed through supplier..

A. Yes, required data to achieve this is available in Self Service portal so you don’t have to depend on anyone for it.


Q. How you are handling the different types of images size and resolution

A. Images is not part of mapping at the moment and it will be handled by OTRAMS.  

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